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Wine and Cheese
"Oh My Gosh, it was so gorgeous! There were so many goodies, some unusual, but all delish. The stuffed dates, all the cheeses, jams, candied fruit and grapes were our favorites. What a special treat after a long day of eclipse viewing. This tray served as our dinner, a lunch, and snacking. Thank you"

Ivy Parish 

Two Casitas Guests

"Best Board we've ever had, Most interesting ever! and we LOVE charcuterie." 


"The board definitely met our expectations, it was incredibly beautiful, offered interesting foods, and we absolutely loved the cheeses, goat cheese, stuffed dates, and everything!" Thanks! 

"A great deal when you consider the full array of local items you get to sample." 

"We found the board to be very aesthetically pleasing, and we loved the assortment of cheeses. The jujubes were divine!"

"The board was a feast for the eyes, what an amazing selection! We loved the candied fruit and the assortment of cheeses! We are so pleased with the amazing selection."

"This was amazing, especially the brittle, pistachios, stuffed dates, and lavender honey! It was fun to read through the card [menu]"

"The presentation was enticing and welcoming! There was such a wide variety of all the small bites we love. The tapenade, stuffed dates, manchego, and chocolate almonds were our favorites. Our family appreciated this arrival option!"

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